Rebels Alliance is born from a clear single minded belief: produce desirable, well made items that we, as members, would be proud to wear and own. What we produce will be limited, hand crafted items that stand for our beliefs, our aesthetic values and importantly what brought us to this point: a lifestyle. Be that motorcycles, skateboards, punk music, rag trade, graffiti… we are born from our involvement in these subcultures, the spirit of doing it yourself and doing it differently, we’re not trying to sell you some faux heritage, some farce involvement, we are a genuine group of like-minded individuals, brought together through the same beliefs and united under this fellowship.

New members will be recruited, other members will remain silent, some will fall, but what will always remain to weather the test of time is this rebel spirit that has born Rebels Alliance.

Sam Standfast
London, Sep 12 2008