Golden Brown     

1975 Honda CB125 with its original stock engine, 26mm Mikuni carb and K&N-style cone filter. The engine’s bottom is powder coated, whilst the top is repainted. The exhaust is hand made.

The bike’s headlight, with the brass trim, was found whilst trawling a swap meet at Long Beach. and the gas tank was originally from a CL125, now hand painted in the signature Rebels Alliance style.

The lack of clutter accentuates the beauty of this build. Made to blast around the old brick walled street’s of East London, it’s the perfect little build to zip through city traffic and have some fun with. Taking a note from it’s older brother, Green Terror, there’s little more to this bike than a frame, wheels and engine, bare necessities that rarely fail to get the job done – and it looks damn good for it too.