The Vorticist – Felipe Pantone

1978 Honda CB550

Peaking the balance between out of this world appearance and full throttle aggression, this electro-punk thoroughbred rides straight out of another dimension. Built on a custom frame with strengthening brace and LED tail lights sunken into the frame, the aim was to build something that was as comfortable in town as on the track, and such attention to race detail is present throughout. Fully tuned with a low resistance racing ignition, 600cc big bore kit, high compression pistons, high lift cams and 29mm CR special carbs, this is about as far as you can push a normally aspirated CB550 engine. The ceramic coated forks are held in place by a bespoke designed and machined triple clamp that contains an oil circuit feeding the front mounted cooler and LED headlight. All this along with the custom Ohlins rear shocks and alloy box section swing arm transfer power to the tarmac – twist the quick action throttle, hold fast and enjoy.

The striking original artwork was created especially for us by the Argentinian-Spanish artist, Felipe Pantone, who’s futuristic designs juxtapose magnificently with the bike’s vintage qualities. Look out folks, The Vortecist has landed…